Bump & Run | Figure 8 Rules & Regulations

Bump n Run | Figure Eight Rules & Regulations

 Each driver and mechanic has an obligation to read these rules. All work must be completed on cars before entering pit area.


1. Officials reserve the right to reject or accept any and all registrations. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent signed waiver form.  

2. NO Children under the age of 12 will be allowed in pit area unless they are a participant.  

3. Only drivers and paid pit persons who sign a release form will be permitted in the pit area.  

4. Any driver/pit crew not obeying the rules will be disqualified.  The driver is responsible for the action of his/her pit crew in all respects.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated and will result in disqualification.  

5. Driver must wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes. Fire suit is recommended. Safety belts and Z‐90 approved full face helmet, with chinstrap and eye protection are required. Goggles and safety harness are recommended.  

6. Recommended net over drivers side window.

7. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL ON GROUNDS.  Anyone under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs prior to or during the race disqualifies the car and crew of the offending party.  

8. NO hot rodding in pit area, no passengers riding on vehicle.

9. All cars must be removed from the fairgrounds the day of event (NO EXCEPTIONS).

10. The fair association and TNT will not be held responsible for personal property at any time.

11. At any time during the event an official rules a car unsafe it will be disqualified.

12. If a vehicle is found illegal there will be NO refund of the entry fee or pit passes.  

13. Drivers must attend the drivers meeting that will be held approximately half hour before race time.

14. All injuries must be reported before you leave the race area.  

15. The Figure Eight will consist of heats going around two obstacles in a figure eight direction. Number of laps and direction will be determined at the drivers meeting.  

16. Gas tanks can stay in stock place on front wheel drive cars as long as it’s in front of rear axle .

17. Any leakage of fuel will result in immediate disqualification.


19. All glass, chrome molding, antenna, sun visors, rear seat cushions, and other loose objects must be removed and car must be clean of all debris.  

20. No protruding front or rear horns (ends) must be rounded or flattened. Door handles must be removed. Mandatory bar or chain from top of roof to cowl.  

21. An approved roll cage is recommended but not required. Roll cage must be above drivers head. No bars through fire wall. Roll cage is for driver’s protection only. If not using a roll cage you must have door protection on outside of driver’s door. This must be secure. If it comes loose you will be disqualified. You may use angle iron, pipe or grader blade. IF YOU DON’T HAVE DRIVERS DOOR PROTECTION ‐‐ YOU DON’T RACE!

22. Battery must be securely fastened and covered.

23. Radiator and transmission cooler must remain in original position or be removed.  

24. No blocking shocks, spring jacks, shackles, car must have free suspension.  

25. All excessive holes in firewall and front floor panel must be covered.

26. All cars must have brakes to enter.

27. All entries must have 12” holes cut in hood and trunk for inspection purposes.  

28. Hood must stay on car at all times.

29. Numbers must be on both front side doors and a 12” x 12” sign with car number painted on both sides and placed upright in the center of the roof of the car.  

30. Doors and trunk must be welded, wired, chained, all‐thread or banded shut.

31. Bumpers may be interchanged, If TNT officials feel bumper is too excessive we will have you cut and/or remove.  

32. Welding frame seams are allowed. Pre‐run cars that frames are bent may be plated with a ¼” thick maximum.  

33. ON FIGURE EIGHT AND BUMP N RUN CARS ONLY: (This reinforcement may be used, nut not required.) One horizontal piece of pipe may be placed in front of radiator, to be supported by two vertical pieces of pipe coming off frame with a support pipe not exceeding 18” back from horizontal pipe. All pipe not to exceed 3” in diameter. This reinforcement if made is intended for protection of radiator only, must be behind front bumper in grill area not to exceed beyond width of frame rails. No other reinforcement or altering of frame allowed. This is not a battering ram but a radiator protector.  

34. Tires – double and/or stuffed tires okay.  TNT approved valve stem protectors okay. REMOVE all wheel weights. Exhaust pipes must exit down or straight up through hood – 12” maximum through hood, no tall pipes.  

35. Hoods must be open for inspection. Hoods must be secured down in at least 4 spots.  

36. One piece of pipe or square tubing – 2” max, may be placed from frame rail to frame rail rear.  

37. You may use pipe or square tubing not to exceed 2” in diameter to come off the back of the cage going towards rear bumper of car through back fire wall area.  This can be no closer than 6” in front of the rear bumper. This may be attached to floor sheet metal but may not be attached to rear bumper. The purpose of this is to keep structural integrity to the cars that are making such rear end abuse. This may only be done on cars that have 4 point cage, this can be up to 36” wide and at the end you may attach a side to side bar or square tubing not to exceed 36” wide.  

38. The rules supersede any and all rules previously used.  Rules & dates subject to change without notice. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES, SCOREKEEPERS, AND OFFICIALS WILL BE FINAL!!

39. No protest of any kind on any car will be allowed after drivers meeting is over.

40. Rule or event infractions may result in fines.   

Compact Figure Eight Rules:

1. Must be  front wheel drive full bodied passenger car, station wagon, compact car, minivan, or compact truck (S10, Ranger, etc.) with no longer than 111” wheel base – or rear wheel drive Chevette, Pinto etc… Maximum 6‐cylinder engine. No 8 cylinder or full framed cars will be allowed in compact class.

2. No 4 – wheel drive or all wheel drive or sport utility vehicles allowed in this class.

3. If the original stock gas tank is factory located completely in front of the rear axle it can remain and be used in this position. Stock gas tank must be removed if it is above or behind rear axle. We suggest extra straps on a stock gas tank. If using auxiliary tank it must be placed inside on floor pan between front seat left side and rear axle. If you are using original tank with electric fuel pump it must have a clearly marked shut‐off switch. Maximum 4 gallons of fuel.

4. You may have a roll cage in driver’s compartment. No bars through firewall. If not using roll cage you must have driver’s door protection.  Pipe, angle iron, grader blade, or 1/8” plate steel may be used.  If this comes loose you will be disqualified. If you do not use door protection – you will not be allowed to race.   

5. Driver’s door must be painted white. Numbers must be on both front doors and a 12” x 12” sign with your car number on both sides and placed upright in the center of the roof of the car.

6. Bumpers may be interchanged, If TnT officials feel bumper is too excessive we will have you cut and or remove.  

7. All other TnT figure eight rules apply.

These rules apply to Big V‐8 Class

1. Any full size V‐8 car may run in this class.  

2. Derby cars are welcome.

3. Big Figure 8 cars are welcome.

4. Full framed V‐6 will be put in this class.

5. All other Figure eight rules apply.

At time of registration all drivers and pit personnel must sign a waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement. These rules will govern all TNT Demolition Derby events. All participants must comply with these rules and regulations, it is furthermore agreed that all entries, pit crew, driver, owner, sponsors, safety personnel, law enforcement will comply with these rules.  

No expressed or implied warranties of any kind. This is a guide set forth for the conduct of the sport and no way a guarantee against injury or death to the spectator, participant or official.  

TnT has the right to accept or reject any entries without notice.  

Awards will be given out at the end of each race and   prize money will be given out at the END of event in the pit pass entry area.



Any questions please call Todd Sorensen 231‐425‐6990 or find on Facebook at TnT Demolition Derby Michigan