1. Stock build automobile , any compact FWD automobile. NO SUV , 4x4 or Trucks 

2. All automobiles molding , plastic , lights , tail lights , interior , all windows , windshield can stay in if driver wants it too .

3. Must have bar or 9 wire or chain in windshield area..

4. Exhaust maybe cut off behind back seat area . It must remain under car ..NO headers .

5. Tires must be OEM , NO CUTS , NO AFTERMARKET TIRES , Swappers, Skidsteer, Tractor.  Must be stock type of tire ONLY . All season tires are allowed , nothing over 6 ply . You may run tire flaps on outside of stock tires . NO RALLY TIRES ..

6. Hoods or trunks will be inspected . Hoods must open . Hoods and trunks must have 12x12 hole for inspection .

7. One automobile battery . Can be removed to passenger side of automobile floor or seat . But must covered and strap down and secured . If in stock place must be fastened and covered . Spray foam is permitted .

8. Drivers door only can be welded and MUST have drivers door protection . Angle steel , steel tubing , flat stock , This is MANDATORY TO HAVE DRIVERS DOOR PROTECTION . Other doors must be fastened by chain or wire in 6 spots . ONE ROLLOVER BAR IS MANDATORY BEHIND DRIVERS SEAT . You may have bar behind seat and rollover bar over roof and passenger bar across inside of passenger door . SAFETY FIRST ..

9. Gas tank may stay in stock position . If it’s behind back behind rear axle must be moved inside back seat.

10. No gear changing , no rear ends changing must be Stock . If it’s to rusty build new. 

11. No modifications to suspension in anyway . DON’T DO IT.

12. NO- Frame welding of any kind.

13. Motor and transmission must be stock make and model of car . NO STAKES COMING OUT OF HOOD.

14. Air bags must be removed .

15. Bumpers maybe lightly welded & any 80’s newer Bumper can be used . Bumper ends maybe cut and drilled and welded. A 4x6 plate maybe lightly welded to frame top of bumper to frame . We don’t want them coming off , Bumper Swap is totally up to you . Doing nothing to them is ok .

16. These are the RULES if you have any questions Call or message TNT at 231-425-6990 or message on Facebook .

17. Drivers door protection and rollover bar are MANDATORY !!!!

18. TNT calls and decisions are FINAL IN THE END !!!