Compact Car Bumper Swap Demo Derby

“ Bumper Swap “

1990 front wheel drive automobiles

4 cyl & 6 cyl cars ONLY ..

Bumpers can be any ’78 and newer bumper .

NO BUMPER SHOCKS ADDED unless car came with them and we know what years did .

Cars that come with bumper shocks, you can weld tubes and weld the shock plate to bumper or take shock tube out and hard noise it .

Must have hole in frame rail for scope to look in front frame rails . If you don’t have one we will drill one . Please call Todd Sorensen if you don’t understand .


No Bumper shocks added .

Flat stock 6×6 piece of plate .

As it is hard noised .

1/4 in thick can be weld to outside of pocket of front frame rails .

Bumper maybe welded all the way around to the flat stock to frame . You may cut bumper to fit . In no way shape form can you add metal to fit . You may weld a 1 4x6in.1/4in.

Thick plate from top of bumper to top of frame rail for bumper so it helps bumper stay on .

NO LOADED BUMPERS… STOCK only : No welding steel bumper cover to inner bumper . Ends maybe shortened and cap welded that’s only welding beside to frame rail we want to see .

Bumper ends can’t be welded to body .

Back bumpers can be removed .

Any tire is allowed .

Car must bounce… NO suspension modifications .

Tie rods must be STOCK no aftermarket parts on suspension.

Front Driver side door can be welded and MUST have door protector it is “Mandatory”.

And a 4×4 max bar behind seat post to post and inside front passenger & drivers doors .

Rollover bar is Mandatory for sedans .

Rollover bar can go to floor at each door post .

Please call Todd Sorensen if you don’t understand .

Gas tank must be moved to back seat area and can be mounted on back bar of cage .

Gas tank protectors are allowed . Can’t exceed no more than 6in behind 6 gallon GAS TANK and must be 6in off floor board .

6 spots may be #9 wired or chained trunk & hood , No welding trunk or hoods and no welding passenger doors .

#9 wire or chain can hold doors shut in 10 spots per- side only .

NO #9 wire or chain used inside automobile areas .

Again any questions call Todd Sorensen .

Windshields need to have #9 wire or chain or one piece of 2×2 steel in windshield .

No leaf springs or heavy metal .

Hoods and trunks must be open for inspection and have 12×12 in each for safety reasons .

No all thread or threaded rod of any kind will be use.

Body mounts must stay stock if body mounts are rusty you’re not changing them .

No changing rear rusty trailing arms in anyway . If it’s to rusty build a different car . Like we said no suspension modifications !!! STOCK ONLY .



This means motor & transmission areas also …

Motor and Transmission mounts maybe #9 wired ONLY 2 on motor 1 on transmission ONLY !

NO Welding or Chaining mounts or added steel …

NO AFTERMARKET transmission coolers . Hoop them or move stock ones to a safer place under hood . But NOT inside automobile ..

NO body shaping in anyway .

Trunk lids must stay in stock place … and open for inspection .

No back WINDOW BAR allowed.

No Headers coming out of hood .

No carburetor swap .

Spray foam ONLY can be used around radiator and for computer cover ONLY .
These are the rules… if it doesn’t say it don’t do it .

Winning CAR will be inspected at end of show.

Please call Todd Sorensen if you have any questions 231-425-6990

TNT Demolition Derby , LLC.

Calls are final at end of show .