Limited Weld Demo Derby Rules

General Preparation:

All glass, plastic and flammable material must be removed from the car prior to arrival at the track.

Any American made automobile. No FWD, all wheel drive, or four wheel drive cars, checkered cab, limousines, or hearses allowed. No fresh sedagon or wedge cars allowed.

All outer wear, mirrors, chrome trim, plastic, door handles, screws, fiberglass ect, must be removed prior to arrival at the track, no added weight to cars.

Rear seats must be removed from all cars, and all decking in station wagons must be removed.



Body shaping is allowed. No folding over to make a doubled effect.

No doubling of body panels is allowed, no extra metal added to the body, no bolting metal unless stated.

ONLY the DRIVERS DOOR may be welded completely shut with no larger than 3inch wide, 1/8inch thick strap.

You may bolt, or weld a flat piece of plate to the outside of the drivers door, it may be no bigger than 8inch wide it may go 4 inches passed each door break of the drivers door. You may weld a 3/4washer to the body for each spot

You may weld 8 4×4 1/8” plate per side for the doors. Each door may be chained, or wired in a max of 6 places, or a minimum of 2 to hold them shut. No more than 4 strands of 9wire, or 1 strand of 3/8 chain per spot. No bolting doors shut, no welding chain links or wire.

No taping or any other form of securing the doors shut.

Wire must be BODY TO BODY.

Floor boards must be adequate in drivers vicinity. Floor boards may be patched with same thickness sheet metal and may overlap 1 inch.

Aftermarket parts allowed, shifters, gas, and brake pedals are allowed, but may not be welded to the car. No aftermarket parts may strengthen the car in anyway.

Battery box and gas tank may only have a 20”x20” mounting area, if your parts are bigger than that you may float them off the cage.

Trunk lid may have 8 4×4 plates welded to keep it shut.

Trunk lids may be wired shut in 8 places max with 4 strands of 9wire or one strand of 3/8 chain, 3/4 washers may be welded to the trunk lid and 1/4 panels.

Trunks may be tucked,.

No other welding or bolting of the trunk lid.

Hoods must have a minimum 12inch hole on each side of the carburetor.

Hoods openings may have 6 3/8 bolts with 1 washer on each side.

Hoods may be chained or wired in 8 places with 4 strands of 9wire or 1 strand of 3/8 chain, 3/4 washers may be welded to hoods and fenders for your hold downs.


Body Bolts:

You may replace body mounts with 5/8 bolts firewall back, and must maintain a 1/2 inch gap between body and frame on any replaced mounts.

Bolts may go through only 1 thickness of frame, Washers may not exceed 3 inches in diameter, square or round, and 3/8 thick.

No welding bolts, nuts or washers to body or frame.


Core Support:

Core supports may be spaced up 6 inches max, must be free floating and spacers may not be welded to the frame.

Core support mounts may not be moved for any reason.

OEM style radiators only, no homemade and no added cooling capacity


Engine and Transmission:

Any Engine/Transmission combo can be put in any car.

NO BRACES unless stated in these rules.

Lower Engine cradles may be used, must have stock lower mounts

Cradle may be bolted to the engine ONLY.

Engine may be chained down using 2, 3/8 max chains. No longer than 12inches long, links may not be welded together, only 3 links maybe welded to the frame.

No aftermarket lower motor mounts.

Air cleaner must remain over the carb at all times.

No starting fluid allowed.

No engine oil coolers allowed.

Hood must remain over fan and radiator at all times

Only 1 automotive type battery allowed in car

Battery must be secured to front passenger floor board, and covered with a rubber mat


Transmission must be of passenger car origin. No 4 wheel, or all wheel drive transmissions

Aftermarket shifters may not strengthen car in anyway. Trans mounted shifters may only be attached to the trans. Cable shifters allowed, must be bolted down not welded.

You can run aftermarket bellhousing and Transmission brace

Aftermarket drive shafts allowed, Slider driveshafts allowed.

Transmission may be bolted, wired, or strapped to the cross member.

Transmission cross member may be fabricated from 2×2 1/4inch MAX square tube, this is not meant to strengthen the car in anyway, if using a fabricated cross member it must be welded to the frame rails and may only be welded to one thickness of frame.


Fuel Systems:

The stock fuel tank MUST be removed

Gas tank must be securely mounted behind the drivers seat and covered. Fuel lines and tank may not strengthen the car in any way.

NO rubber straps may hold the gas tank down.

NO plastic tanks may be used

NO cars leaking gas may be permitted on the track.


Tires, Rims, Brakes

No split rims, studded tires or dual tires.

Each car will have 4 wheels MAX

Rim may have weld in centers, 8 inch max. stock centers may be cut out and inserted into another stock rim.

Valve stem protectors are allowed, but are not meant to strengthen the rim in any way.

Doubled, foam filled, tractor, and skid steer tires are allowed. No bead locks allowed.

All cars must have dependable brakes at all times.




Frame seams may be welded A arms forward, with a single pass of ½” weld.

You may weld your bumper directly to the frame. You are allowed to use Stock OEM bumper shocks in the stock location, or you may run 8 inches of 2×2 square tubing in place of the bumper shock.

You may one 2X8 ¼” holding the bumper to the frame on the top and bottom of the frame, and must be run length of the frame. Cannot be angled to make a kicker, 4” must be on the bumper, 4” must be on frame. Pates MUST BE PAINTED WHITE, any plate not painted, exceeding measurements will be asked to remove completely. Failure to do so will get your car loaded and your car will not be allowed on the track.

Hump plates may be 22” long, and contoured to the hump, and must be centered on the hump. Hump pates MUST BE PAINTED WHITE, any plate not painted, exceeding measurements will be asked to remove completely. Failure to do so will get your car loaded and your car will not be allowed on the track.

Any added metal, or extra welds you will be asked to cut off, failure to do so will get you loaded, and you will not be allowed to run.

No sharp edges on cut off bumpers must be flat or have a cap welded on it.

Bumper height must be 14” to 22”, measurement will be taken from the bottom of the bumper.

Lower motor mounts may be bolted and welded to the engine cradle, not the frame rails.

No frame shaping allowed. No welding of stock brackets to the frame.

Front frame rails must have 20” of frame from upper A arm mounting bracket going to the front bumper. Measurement will be from the furthest forward point of the upper A arm bracket. No moving A arm brackets for any reason.

No shortening of the rear frame rails will be allowed; rear rails may be pre-bent or notched to achieve a roll only. If notched, do not weld it back together.

You may chain around the axle to frame only, 2 spots using 3/8” chain with only 1 bolt per chain, no welding of the links together.

Rust holes may be patched wit ¼” flat plate with only 1” over lap, there must be obvious proof their was a hole, single pass of ½” weld only. Please call before you weld plates to the frame. If body mount hole is enlarged they may be repaired wit ¼” plate and must be on top of the frame only, no exceptions.

Plates must be on the outside of the frame, please call before you weld. Pates MUST BE PAINTED WHITE, any plate not painted, exceeding measurements will be asked to remove completely. Failure to do so will get your car loaded and your car will not be allowed on the track.


Metric Frames;

All rules previous stated apply with these additions.

Fords 1980-2002; may be tilted at the firewall only, with no added metal.

You may weld in the package tray from an older ford into a 1998 and newer fords with 6” overlap and ½” welds. You may use Watts conversion brackets also

2003 and newer Fords; you may weld in a stock steel cradle from any other American made car with single pass 1/2’” weld.

You may change the steering from a rack and pinion, to a gear box steering. You may weld one pipe to the bottom of the frame to help bolt the steering box to the frame only, not to strengthen the frame.

GM 1977 and newer; you are allowed to weld a 4×6 ¼” plate on the frame fire wall forward you may bend or cut the plate in any way you choose, any part cut off may not be welded in another place, and may not be welded to the bumper or the A arms. Pates MUST BE PAINTED WHITE, any plate not painted, exceeding measurements will be asked to remove completely. Failure to do so will get your car loaded and your car will not be allowed on the track.

Mopars 1980 and newer; you may add 1 spring, and 4 addition clamps to your leaf springs they may not be welded together. And you may weld your bumper shocks to the sub frame 6” back.


Pre-ran Cars:

All pre ran cars are allowed to plate bent parts of the frame, the bend in the frame must be obviously bent.

4x6x1/4” plates max for bent spots on the frame. You may bend, or cut the plate to fit the frame better, any part cut off may NOT be added in another spot on the frame.

You are allowed a single pass, ½” wide weld for each plate. All plates added to the frame MUST BE PAINTED WHITE, any plate not painted, exceeding measurements will be asked to remove completely. Failure to do so will get your car loaded and your car will not be allowed on the track.


All suspension and steering must be stock OEM configuration from a passenger car, no homemade suspension parts. You may reinforce tie rods with 1 piece of angle or flat steel.

Any 5 lug axles allowed, No full floater rear ends allowed.

Rear ends may be braced, but may not strengthen the body or frame in any way.

You may change the rear end pitch by changing trailing arms, they must be OEM style arms. No bracing or welding of any kind to the arms

Suspension must have bounce, and you may use spring turn ins to achieve a higher ride height.

You may run flat or round stock through the coil spring, and welded to the bottom of the frame to gain height on the front of the car. Flat stock may be 2x12x1/2” round stock may be 1”x12”. You may also kick the bottom of the coils to gain height.

Leafed cars are allowed to have 4 clamps homemade or stock, homemade clamps may not exceed 2x4x1/4” with 2 7/16 bolts per clamp. Leafs are not allowed to be welded together.

No taping, screwing, or wiring of the leafs together.

Leafs must be in the stock location, no moving for any reason.

No flat stacking, or home made leaf springs.



You may have 4 point cage 4×4” or 4” round tube cage, maybe welded to the body only, and must be free floating and can be attached to the body in 6 places only.

Door bars are not to exceed 60” and may not extend more than 18” passed the door break on four door cars. On two door cars they cannot extend more than 10” passed the door break.

Door bars must be inside the car, and not between doorskins.

Halo bars are allowed to be 4×4” or 4” round tube max, and may also be bolted to the roof in two places. These two count as two of your 6 places to hold your cage to the body.

NO kickers or down legs allowed from the cage to the body or frame.

Gas tank protectors are allowed, and are not to exceed 24” outside measurement. Protector material may not exceed 4×4” tube or 4” round tube.

Protector must be free floating and attach to the cage only, and must have a ½” minimum gap away from the body.