Gut n Go Rules & Regulations

Gut n Go Rules & Regulations

TnT Demolition Derby is promoted as an unusual spectator attraction in the interest of safety; everyone entering is subject to and must obey the following rules and regulations set up by the promoters where the event is to be held.

A. Each driver must fill out an entry blank. All drivers must supply their own trucks, only one entry per person unless otherwise specified.

B. Each driver and each member of their pit crew must sign a release form the day of the event.

C. Drivers must be at least 16 years of age. Drivers under 18 must have notarized release signed by a parent or guardian. Participant need not hold a driver’s license.

D. The promoters reserve the right to approve or reject any and /or all entries.

E. Only owners, drivers, mechanics, etc. who sign the release form will be permitted in the pit area or on the track. No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the pit area.

F. Each driver and member of his/her pit crew will pay an entry fee, as stated at each event.

G. No trucks are permitted on the track before the heat in which they are to participate.

Bone Stock FWD Cars = Any front engine, front wheel drive, full body passenger car or station wagon (see full rules) • NO full frame, rear wheel drive, four-wheel drive, van, truck, or SUV allowed • Only 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles allowed Bone

1. Any stock Front Wheel Drive (FWD) hard top car or station wagon.

2. No full framed cars, trucks, vans, suv's or 4x4's will be allowed.

3. Only 4 cyl. or V-6 cars allowed, no V-8's allowed.

4. Cars must remain stock. Limited sprays foam will only be in radiator area . And to secure computer when moving it . We DON’T want to see spray foam in frame hole areas. #9 wire inside automobile will be limited to only one strand per side in back seat from roof to floor board . Don’t want to see #9 anywhere else “ INSIDE “automobile or you will cut . NO rally tires.

5. Drivers may maneuver forward and reverse. No deliberate head on collisions or driver’s door hits allowed. Anyone observed deliberately hitting the driver’s door will be given a warning. A second violation will bring immediate disqualification.

6. No team driving or two-way radio communication allowed.

7. A time limit will be announced by the officials. A driver not hitting another car within the time limit will be disqualified. “Sandbagging” will lead to disqualification.

8. Lap safety belts (no shoulder harness), long sleeves, approved helmets, goggles or face shield are required.

9. All glass, molding strips, door handles, vehicle emblems, trunk/door locks, mirrors, sun visors, nose cones, plastic body panels and trailer hitches must be removed before arrival at the race track. Most interior must be removed; front seat, dash and driver’s side inner door panel may stay. Vehicles must be swept clean and free from debris.

10. All air bags must be disconnected or removed.

11. Gas tanks located behind the rear end must be relocated to the back seat area in front of the rear axle and securely fastened. Stock gas tanks located in front of the rear axle will be allowed. No plastic gas tanks are permitted. Metal boat tanks or fuel cells are recommended. Any car spilling fuel onto the track will be disqualified. Any car igniting on the track will be allowed one fire before disqualification.

12. Electric fuel pumps are allowed. On/off switch must be located left of steering column on the dash with OFF in the down position.

13. Pump grade gasoline, racing gasoline or E-85 fuel only. NO ALCOHOL AS FUEL.

14. A 10" hole must be cut in the hood and trunk lid.

15. Only one 12 volt automotive type battery allowed. Battery must be relocated to the driver’s compartment, securely fastened and covered.

16. All doors must be fastened closed by wire, straps or chain. Only the driver’s door may be welded shut. A driver’s door coming open during a heat will disqualify the driver.

17. Foam will be allowed in the driver’s door for protection. A chain, strap or a single 3"x3" welded in bar from side to side will be allowed to support the back of the front seat. This bar cannot be bolted or welded to the frame.

18. Driver’s door must be painted white with numbers at least 18” tall.

19. A chain or equivalent must be attached in windshield area for hood protection.

20. Tires must be DOT type tires. Inner tubes are allowed. Tire within a tire and foam filled tires are NOT allowed. Valve stem protectors are NOT allowed. No screwing tire to wheelNo tire over a DOT 6ply lite weather tire. NO big crazy MUD or TRACTOR tires will be aloud .

21. No suspension modifications allowed. Coil springs may be fastened by wire.

22. No pre-bending, wedging or trunk tucking will be allowed. Only chain, bolt or wire in 5 places on trunk lid.

23. Hood may be fastened by no more than 5 attachment points using chain, bolts or wire.

24. Only the stock automobile bumpers to that make of car allowed, bumpers cannot be reenforced. Bumpers can be chained or wired to the body. No “Homemade” bumpers or knife edge bumpers allowed.

25. Must leave stock body mounts in.

26. No engine cradles, distributor protectors or transmission braces allowed.

27. Re-run Bone Stock FWD cars must be approved for competition by Todd Sorenson.

Any car determined not to be “Bone Stock” will not compete. **This is meant to be a low expense, low prep time, FUN beginner class. For the complete rules or questions regarding vehicle setup contact Todd Sorensen 231-425-6990